RE: [coldbox:15699] [cachebox-1.3.2] Trouble instantiating Cachebox, trying to use CFProvider

None of those properties apply to the CFProvider. They are specific to the CacheBox provider. I assume that EHCache has some similar settings, but they would need to be set in EHCache. In this interface, CacheBox is just providing you an API to proxy access to the underlying implementation.

Here are the docs for CFPRovider:

As you can see, the only valid property is “cacheName”.



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Thanks for pointing me on the right track, I was able to get it working now. I searched that wiki page all over for “CFProvider”, looking for that info but that section you pointed me to lists it as “CF Provider” so I didn’t find it. :slight_smile:

So I guess when you use the CFProvider you can’t setup defaults for time in the cache? I guess I could write a wrapper to do that.