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I just realized that you’re probably using the JSMin ColdBox plugin, not the JSMin.cfc project hosted on Google Code (Even though they both have a file called JSMin.cfc and reply on the same ported Java class).

The answer is still pretty much the same. Either Luis or someone via a pull request needs to do a text diff of Crockford’s latest C code here:
to the Java port that is used in the JSMin ColdBox plugin
and merge in his latest changes.



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Ok, I updated our version to match the C library and also updated the java library to 1.6 JDK. I also fixed media queries and did some test cases on javascript \ literals and used the kicstart as an example. It should be good now. Test it on github or the forge box download as version 2.0

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Sweet - will test first thing!

YOU ROCK as always.


Jeremy R. DeYoung