RE: [coldbox:15918] Confused over handler error

Are their any ColdFusion mappings in your local environment that don’t exist on production. This would be especially important if your handlers are outside of the web root and rely on a mapping.

Also, are their other differences between dev and prod such as your prod site being in a subfolder?

Also, double check the casing stuff.



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Don’t know if this could be an issue, but I notice you are using dependency injection but do not have the autowire=true in the component definition, like:

component autowire=true {



Thanks for the replies

First: no mappings but, on the DEV side of things the project does live in a subfolder /coldfusion9/wwwroot/projectname/[here is where we have config, handlers etc/ where as in PROD it would be: /httpdocs/[here is where we hae config, handlers etc/

So yes, its in a subfolder on DEV and not in a subfolder in prod.

Kevin: I will try that when I get back from lunch to see if it makes a difference.

I will also try to throw everything into a subfolder on PROD to see if that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions.



autowire = true has been deprecated since 2.6.4…


Thanks, Andrew

I got to get that 3.X manual, huh?

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Ahhhh it is CF8! I thought they had upgraded to 9 but I was wrong.

Ok, that makes more sense, but more importantly, what can I do to work around this issue?