RE: [coldbox:15975] [coldbox-3.1.0] Mail is not sent when a setNextEvent + persistStruct follows after send(mail)

That’s interesting. I would expect the emailService.send() line to be unaffected by the next line of code.
Can you put some debugging in the emailService to verify that the code is executing all the way through to the cfmail in CFMailProtocol.cfc.

If I was to bet, I would say that the lack of mail being sent is actually related to a change in your test data.

Also, can you log or output the contents of “result” in your code. If the message isn’t being send, there should be an error message in there explaining why.



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Hi Brad,

Because I am working on a deadline and I have a workaround by using “queryString = ‘messageSent=true’” instead, i don’t have time to report logs.

But I can say, that I used exactly the same test data. I just added the persistStruct after a successful message sent, and hit refresh.

Maybe in the after hours, I can log the result of the send(mail) action, but I think it is just not send :frowning:

I’ll keep in touch.