RE: [coldbox:15987] Solitary Module Installation

Do you have an app mapping configured inside application.cfc? I ask since the error was a proxy call not finding the ColdBox framework. I’ve had issues where if the first hit to the framework was inside the proxy folder, the framework would not initialize correctly without an appMapping “hint”.

Another possibility is that the page load that is erroring is catching another application.cfc with a different app name so it doesn’t have access to the application scope that ColdBox is living in. We’d need to know more about your app structure to determine that though.



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OK yeah I think I should explain what I am trying to do a bit further. That way you can tell me I’m doing everything wrong and then it will all work (I can dream).

I have multiple IIS sites on the same server each with their own sub domain and I need to share the session between them to do single sign on across the sites, so for example:

Each site has a copy of the ColdBox framework in its web root in a folder called coldbox. – application.cfc has

<cfset this.mappings[’/solitary’] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & “/modules/solitary”> – coldbox.cfc has

appName = " exampleProfile ", – application.cfc has

<cfset this.mappings[’/solitary’] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & “/modules/solitary”> – coldbox.cfc has

appName = " exampleForums",

I’m then setting a domain cookie in both application.cfc’s in onRequestStart in order to share the J2EE session across the sites

Am I right in thinking coldboxproxy.cfc is getting called because I am setting the COLDBOX_APP_KEY? The reason I am setting this is if I leave it blank the 2 sites end up with the same name and using the same event handlers (from which ever site was initialised first).

I’m obviously not setting things up correctly in order to share the session and therefore the login status.

Thanks, Richard

Any thoughts on the above? The best way of Sharing the session across multiple applications and installing Solitary.

Thanks in advance,