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Here, Luis dug up the URL for the Grails comparison we did some time ago:

We’re open to suggestions regarding other non-CF frameworks that would make a nice comparison or other comparison points that were left out.



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Something I did think about was AOP v Others…

I am not sure if this goes outside the aspects of AOP, but there have been times when I don’t need the application to wait. Was reading the differences between AOP and Edmund, by Sean Corfield and the one thing that I seemed to only see as a difference, is that Edmund runs in async.

So my thoughts are, what if we have an option to not wait for the interception process to return?

I can see that the only solution to this would be to process as a thread, which I am not sure how this would affect the usage of Coldbox access from within the thread.

+1. I had a requirement for this some time ago as well and think it would be very useful.

Nolan Dubeau

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