RE: [coldbox:16165] [coldbox 3.5.2] Plugin of Mark Mandel's asyncHTTP

Looks like the “real” error is:

Thanks Brad,

The thing is; It works when I use an older JavaLoader that is not included with Coldbox and not injected using wirebox…
with the jar at exactly the same place. It is only one jar with 4 relatively simple classes.

So no DI and an old JavaLoader and it works like a charm.

If I put the jar in the coldfusion\lib I wouldn’t need to use a JavaLoader so that kind of avoids the issue here…

Here the source of the JavaLoader:

<!--- Document Information ----------------------------------------------------- Title: JavaLoader.cfc Author: Mark Mandel Email: []( Website: []( Purpose: Utlitity class for loading Java Classes Usage: Modification Log: Name Date Description


do you plan on posting your plugin to forgebox when you’re done? I’d love to take a look at it.

Brad, perhaps there is something that can be leveraged from this project for Andrew Scott’s suggestion for Async Interceptor calls?



Hi Nolan,

I will indeed post it to forgebox when I am done.
If you want I can already give you what I have (it is working with the work-around).


Also to give you an idea why I am doing this…

Our main Application is a REST API that needs to process requests as fast as possible.

Each request needs to be logged, but we do not want to wait for the log to complete but rather hand it over to another application on a totally different server that queues log requests using cfconcurrent (see cf.objective 2012 Marc Esher).

Our main app can’t use CFHTTP to send the log to the loggingApp since CFHTTP is synchronous, therefore asyncHTTP :slight_smile:

Hey Tom,

Sounds great. you can email me at my gmail account.