RE: [coldbox:16171] [coldbox 3.5.2] Plugin of Mark Mandel's asyncHTTP

Did you look at any of the existing asynchronous LogBox Appenders? In the end, I guess it might come down to semantics, but there might be benefit in using the LogBox framework for logging so you can easily change where your messages are being logged to without modifying your code.



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Hi Brad,

Yes I have. But they are all using cfthread and I prefer the extra power of cfconcurrent that uses the JCF java lib for more granular control.
For instance you can control how many concurrent threads are running; what your maximum work queuesize may be, callback functionality, etc…

Check it out:

Also, LogBox is still part of the main application. We process about 3000 requests every minute so our logging app is preferably on a separate server altogether. I guess that could be solved by clustering however we want complete separation of our main application and the logging system. We write applications to process creditcard transactions and have to follow very specific norms with respect to processing time.

I will however create my own appender that uses the asyncHTTP plugin so I can still leverage the power of LogBox.