RE: [coldbox:16189] [coldbox 3.5.2] Plugin of Mark Mandel's asyncHTTP

Looks pretty straight forward. One thought that I had is there is no way to set a timeout-- something I typically always do for HTTP calls to avoid hung threads. Perhaps an additional struct in extraInfo called HTTPAttributes which could be passed into HTTPService.setAttributes().

That being said, I’d probably still include a default timeout in the appender anyway. I’ve just gotten burned too many times from hung threads waiting on an HTTP response that I can’t kill.



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Hi Brad,

I followed your advise on the httpService.setAttributes(), but decided to pass it the argumentCollection = getProperties().
That way you can set your timeout or any other cfhttp attribute in the config file when you register the appender.

I gave it a default timeout = 10 in the HTTPAppender.init().

Ok with that?

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