RE: [coldbox:16274] Line Breaks in resource bundles

I’ve never used the resource bundles, so I’m going to throw a shot in the dark until someone can correct me. I would assume that you would either need to put HTML (
tags) in the resource bundle, or replace the line breaks with HTML equivalents when displaying that string.

It looks like there’s also a handle formatRBString() method that allows you to put place holders in your bundle which you replace when you use it:

HomeSliderCaption2=Get ahead {1} with our bespoke {1} range of headrest covers




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Hi Brad,

I did think of trying your first suggestion. Though your second suggestion sounds like a better solution as it enables me to keep HTML out of the resource bundle and keep formatting in the views.

I'll give it a go when back at work in the morning :wink:



Using basic HTML tags does not hurt in any way. I use a lot like custom links or BRs etc.

Just be sure that you do not have any formatting related tags such as font etc.


Thanks Oğuz,

I’ll bear that in mind it would certainly be easier.