RE: [coldbox:16316] [ColdBox SEEK 3.5.2 Jeremiah 29:13] [ColdBox Dashboard Version: 2.4.0] Settings and Change P/W


Welcome to ColdBox. I’m sorry for the confusion on the dashboard. It is one of the more outdated pieces as far as functionality and docs. There were two main things the dashboard did-- allow you to update your ColdBox settings, and create new apps from the app templates. The first item has been largely made moot with ColdBox 3 and the deprecation of the XML-based config and the rise of the programmatic config. The application template creation functionality has been largely replaced by our CF Builder Platform Utilities.

As it stands right now, the dashboard hasn’t been updated in several versions and we’re still deciding what to do with it. We’ve been making some plans to completely rewrite it for ColdBox 4 and build in some functionality for monitoring/managing multiple ColdBox instances, etc.

If you’re just wanting to poke around, you can drop in the sample apps and play with them. If you have any more questions, just ask on the list :slight_smile:



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