RE: [coldbox:16355] [ColdBox 3.5.2] wirebox: getInstance(dsl="something") requires name attribute?

The “name” parameter is passed through to builder.buildSimpleDSL() as targetID. TargetID in the name of the object requesting the building. It is only used for error messages in builder.buildDSLDependency().

instance.log.error(“Target: #arguments.targetID# → DSL Definition: #arguments.definition.toString()# did not produce any resulting dependency”);

I would recommend just passing along the name of the component you’re in. If you’re not in a component, I’d just make up a string that makes sense to you. You’ll never see it until the dependency fails to be built and you get the error message :slight_smile:



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Bug logged and accepted, you should be able to do this.

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