RE: [coldbox:16381] CBL and Validation

I think I’m in favor of sticking just to MVC. It’s a slippery slope once you start including other stuff. Perhaps we could do a quick feature checklist against FW/1. I don’t think our goal should simply be to copy them, but they’ve obviously done very well as an incredibly lightweight framework. I also agree that having the modularity to “drop in” validation support could be very handy. Then it wouldn’t be a choice between CB Lite and Full, but anywhere in-between. I know that’s something we’ve discussed for the future of ColdBox with ideas such as the ability to create a custom ColdBox download that had only the modules you wanted installed. Ex: MVC + SES, DI, Validation, and ORM.



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I may be chiming in late but I agree that this should be kept light; I vote no on validation.

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