RE: [coldbox:16384] Re: Really resetting everything

I have an interceptor that also clears our the session storage an application storage plugins. I also set up my interceptor to listen for ?clearSession=1 and clearApplication=1 as well to clear out specific scopes without reinitting. This can be useful for testing. If you want to get more extreme, you can structDelete the actual scopes, but be careful, you might screw with the framework if you structDelete the application scope as a whole.



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That thinking is inline with the direction I wanted to go so this is good to hear. But now to follow up on this, I’m assuming that the clearSession (at least) condition should force the timeout the session…the goal being that not only do I want to kill the storage of session (eg. the storage though as you say, perhaps NOT delete the session structure) but to actually timeout the session so that onsessionstart triggers without having to close the browser…so here’s some pseudo code for the interceptor:

kill session storage
kill application storage
(perhaps optionally) kill cookie storage

if rc.clearapplication
kill application storage
timeout application?

if rc.clearSession or rc.clearapplication
kill session storage
timout session

redirect to home…end routines will kick off and on the new page onappinit() and onsessionstart() should kick off

Sound right?