RE: [coldbox:16926] Caching

Is this what you mean?

yep, that’s what I meant.

Put a cfdump of your session scope on the home page and log in with two different people.

Do both of the session scopes contain the same user object?
If yes, let’s examine the code that logs people in
If no, let’s examine the code that is getting the user out of session.



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I’ll try that… FYI, I also tried calling the sessionStorage plugin directly from the SecurityManager rather than reaching out to the userService, but the result was the same. I tried logout, reinit, delete my cookies, log back in… Same thing.


Okay, I dumped sessions and this information is unique from two different computers:

struct [empty]
cfid 57846
cftoken 12169498
sessionid 1187B65CB1EAE9B3119CBBBA00E15ECE_57846_12169498
token AACFC0F9-155D-00B6-019EC073FF7E1995
urltoken CFID=57846&CFTOKEN=12169498

struct [empty]
cfid 57836
cftoken 65017868
sessionid 1187B65CB1EAE9B3119CBBBA00E15ECE_57836_65017868
urltoken CFID=57836&CFTOKEN=65017868

If I login from the same two computers as two different users, the above data is the same but the empty struct contains the current user structure, which is the user object and the data in the user object is the same for both.
I dumped this on both and the username was the same as the first login, even though I logged in as a different user on the second computer.