RE: [coldbox:17049] Is Wirebox capable of doing this or is there another way I can do this?

Yeah, I’d have to play with it. Luis has been globe trotting for a couple weeks. I haven’t heard much from him either :slight_smile: I’m sure things will settle down again after the holidays



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Ok I have done some research, and have come to the conclusion that this is not possible at all.

The only way to do this is use an interceptor that listens for afterInstanceCreation, however modules are not loaded when it is going through this, which means it can’t be hooked into easily enough. Now I am running this actually in ContentBox, and while ContentBox is loading it will send out the notification, but the required interceptor is not loaded.

Now the only other way would be to do as you suggested Brad, the only problem again is that when the module loads and sets the mapping, the framework has already done the original injection.

So that leaves me to believe that this is not possible :frowning: