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Ben, I’m poking around in your code example trying to see if my theory below is correct or not. I’m having a hard time finding where your aspect is extended at runtime with FrameworkSupertype methods. I can’t find where the framework supertype is being extended at “compile” time or run time.



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The runtime extension happens in the framework itself. It’s the same way you don’t have to extend a base class in your interceptors, handlers, etc.

While I don’t know the where/how of it, I just observed the methods when I dumped out the aspect.

I think you are mistaken about that dump (unless I’m mistaken about cfdump)

Those methods belong to that instance, the methods belonging to the entity service are not shown on that screenshot because that section of the dump is collapsed

nope, I AM mistaken...

If I inject an instance of MessageBox, those methods are listed...

Aren't methods listed in that section ones that belong directly to that
instance? (even though, you are right they are coming from the
entityservice... and the plugin)

I’m an idiot and forgot to paste this link:

sorry for keeping this thread going