RE: [coldbox:17134] Variable instance.appMapping not set for modules?

The app mapping setting in Application.cfc is actually for if you have your ColdBox app in a subfolder off the web root AND you plan on using the framework from outside its normal request lifecycle such as with proxies. In normal situations, the directory the app is living in is auto-detected when the framework boots up. I think the setting in /config/coldbox.cfc is deprecated now.



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Well that slipped in, and I was thinking out the App_Key.

As a test I set the AppMapping in the Application.cfc and it made no difference, my guess is that when it tries to guess the directory it checks and defaults back. The old way this used to work was that contexts used to be able to be used with this setting, regardless of if the directory has changed or not.

This no longer appears to be working this way, which I have to beg the question what is its real purpose these days?

But there is another solution to this, that I used to use where the url could be


Then by changing the routes you can use this in your routes.cfc

addRoute(context=":context", pattern=":handler/:action?");

Which used to work prior to ColdBox 3.0 so I have no idea if this will owrk these days, as the app mapping seems to be broken when it comes to the URL.

Can anyone from the ColdBox team explain how this is used now when using contexts?

I forgot the blog post on this