RE: [coldbox:17146] Plugin Path ... external or convention or both?

Are you using getMyPlugin() or getPlugin()?

I have an application with the following directory structure:









What I need here is that the /templates/test/plugins/SamplePlugin.cfc would take the highest precedence, followed by the /plugins/SamplePlugin.cfc.

In my Coldbox.cfc configuration file, I have the following settings:

pluginsExternalLocation = “plugins”

conventions = {

pluginsLocation = “templates/test/plugins”


And right now, neither of the SamplePlugin.cfc files are being picked up by the application. What am I missing?



That was actually a simplified example. I was attempting to override the core Renderer.cfc … so replace SamplePlugin.cfc with Renderer.cfc.


If you want to override the core renderer plugin, create an extensions folder, and define its location in the config.cfc when ColdBox loads it will use these extensions before core plugins.

When you create an extensions folder then you add a plugins folder inside it and drop your renderer plugin in there.