RE: [coldbox:17262] [Announcement] ColdBox Connection Today: Asynch Interceptors

It went well. Sadly, Java got screwed up on Luis’ mac with the recent updates so we eventually transferred the code to my machine where it errored :slight_smile:

We’ll release the recording soon. Everything up to where we actually tried to demo is good. In the mean time, here are the docs for 3.6.0 which will be released soon. They cover the new amazing features of asynch interceptors.



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Bummer. I’m in a car right now and testing the latest threadTests zip that Luis sent recently. When I try to run the iTest handler for any of the asyncAll methods I get an error on line 183 of InterceptorState.cfc indicating that the targetKey argument is not being passed to isExecutable(). Only two values are being passed and isExecutable() requires three.

Can’t send the stacktrace at the moment, but hoping to link up with Luis on Skype tonight to discuss/review.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the above.



This is definitely cool. One suggestion that I don’t see in the docs though. When I wrote my own CB async interceptor a couple years ago, I ran into situations where I could easily run out of threads and drag down performance significantly, so I implemented a thread pool concept where you set the max number of threads you want available to the interceptors and it queues them and will fail them if no available thread becomes available after the max timeout you set for the tasks.


These links are not working from Chrome, there is some HTML being added to the url from the link in the email.