RE: [coldbox:17318] [ColdBox BE] Railo handling of empty attributes in metadata

Hmm, still working through the errors as I find them. It looks like Railo also handles properties in script differently than ACF as well.

The following property works in ACF, but in Railo, the metadata is parsed wrong.

component {
property name=‘myService’ inject;


The metadata in Railo shows a key called “name” with the value “inject” and a key called “type” with a value of “any”. The string “myService” doesn’t even make it into the metadata, so I can’t even devise a work around for now since Wirebox has no way of getting the real value of the “name” attribute.

Of course, if I change it to the following it works fine.

component {
property name=‘myService’ inject=‘myService’;


Unless anyone here knows of a good reason for Railo to work this way or has found a workaround for their ColdBox app, I’ll take it up over on the Railo list and see if there’s a bug for it.



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I encountered the same as your second post when testing an app on Railo recently. Super annoying actually since I use the shorthand notation all over a bunch of apps. I also noticed something weird in a handler where I only placed rc = event.getCollection() within my preHandler() and not in each function. Railo did not pick up rc in each function so I had to declare it in each of them which seems a bit redundant.


I say post on the Railo list

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