RE: [coldbox:17395] [wirebox-1.5+] Error related to system/aop/tmp files

Do the errors happen around the time that you reinit? What kind of load are your servers seeing? Is there any eternal process that might clear out the contents of the tmp directory?



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This is a system that is on a test server and has a very light load. Today the error happened a couple of hours after the reinit. There aren’t any external process that would clear out tmp directory. It is an EC2 micro instance thats only purpose is to serve this application. The application is not in production yet, so this is the only environment it is running in.

I’ve looked in the tmp directory after seeing the errors and I’ve never seen any files in it.

I forgot to mention that this application is just the backend for a Flex client (blazeds) and an HTML client (ajax). Also, I ran a quick test on the server to make sure it wasn’t a permissions issue “FileWrite(’/wirebox/system/aop/tmp/test.txt’,‘this is a test’);”.

I confirmed that the test.txt was in the tmp folder after running the test.