RE: [coldbox:17468] Still having mail issues with cross contamination I suppose you can call it.

Yeah my guess it is the same server, and I am using Google Apps for my mail and I am assuming that when I use the cfmail or ColdBox mailService that it is being relayed through to Google Apps Mail.

And yes it is intermittent, and I have only begun seeing this since switching my site over to ContentBox, the old site was written in ColdBox V3.0 but it was not using any caching. And no not all emails are like this. It is like 1 in a thousand or so.

I have got Hostek looking into this, but I haven’t heard back from them in a few days and have shot another email off but don’t get me wrong here, they are more likely to point the blame at the application. There first response was that my username and password have been compromised, which is near impossible to happen. And the last I heard was they are getting their ColdFusion guy to look at it.

There is already logging in place, which is why I know or confident more to the point that it is not the getting of the settings from the database, but I am inclined that the relay from there servers to Google is the issue.

But wanted to touch base in here, just in case there is a leak in the mailService, but for the life of me I can’t see anything in there that would be causing this. Then I double checked to see if it might be a thread issue, as they don’t seem to be able to solve that problem yet either about the java permissions I posted. Just in case they maybe related.

But I hope that they would have switched on SMTP logging, they do seem very good with this stuff just this one seems to be a bit of a mystery to them.