RE: [coldbox:17482] existing flex app integration

If that’s all you want, simply modify onRequestStart in Application.cfc ignore it. That’s what intercepts ColdBox requests, however I’m a little confused since by default ColdBox only picks up requests which point to index.cfm. Are you using the inheritance or no-inheritance approach for your Application.cfc?



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Using the no-inheritance approach but I found the problem. We had a url-rewrite that strips out index.cfm from all requests. That was picking up my flex2gateway and redirecting it to index.cfm which was then being grabbed by coldbox. I added an exclusion there and all is well.

Thanks for the help. This is my first coldbox project and I like what I see, there’s just so much to the framework.


Of modify your rewrite rules to not rewrite it.

Which is why I said to check your rewrite rules to begin with, I think I used the xml file as the guide but I did mean the flex2gateway :frowning: