RE: [coldbox:17531] ColdBox[3.5] cfproperty

Can you share the code? I’m not following what you’re asking. Show us the code as it had to be before 3.5 (and what was that version anyway?) and the code as it works on 3.5. Then tell us what you expected to work but didn’t work including any errors you got when you tried.



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That is how I used to start the cfc

Now i do not have to do that

if I refer to my bean as getModel it will still works. Is taht something has to do with a new version of wirebox or I was missing something out before

Is there any drawbacks to it I mean like performance issues. I actually did not see side effects

None, as I said it comes down to personal preference.

And it is nothing new ColdBox has been able to both ways for a long time.