RE: [coldbox:17539] Coldfusion Server Support contact information?

Sorry, I don’t know how to get a hold of Adobe, but is there anything we can help you with regarding your sever?



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I will write up some sample code and the what I’ve tried for review. I’d greatly appreciate the help.

I have a multi instance server. This problem started when I upgraded to 9.0.2. from 9.0.1. It occurred when I tried the manual patch and since then I have uninstalled and reinstalled without success. I’ve createad all new instances and recreated the IIS config and nothing has fixed this problem with this code on this one instance. I know this test code is valid because I used it to make sure I duplicated the problem before writing this email. I know there may be better ways of doing what I am doing but at this point I’m not in the position to revamp all the code.

Ok so here is sample code that duplicates my problem. Basically, I call /index.cfm/general/test and click the button to display /index.cfm/general/test2 in a window. Click a button to hide the window. I click the first button again to display the window again and page goes blank. In IE I get an error about permission denied to ajax.js. The line it points to is a catch error.

Test code works fine all other instances instances on this server. Again I recreated the instance with an entire new name/folder keeping nothing from the old instance and problem will not go away.

My handler

component {
function test(event,rc)

function test2(event,rc)

view test.cfm

view test2.cfm

Thanks for an help or suggestions.


This is due to the problem I mentioned to you the other day, the permission in the browser is an issue running the code, and I would guess that this is because the /CFIDE maybe pointing in the wrong direction. Now I forgot to mention this to you last time, but in Google Chrome Developer tools, can you click on Network and refresh the page and see if there are any files that don’t get loaded.

If you have just one site that is working, then you may need to see in IIS what the difference between the one that is working and the one that is not.

The one thing that bothers me is that the Web Configuration Tool, is supposed to fix this all in one hit. Which is not the case for you, and that worries me.

I know we went down this road once before, and it was working when I left our hang out session so what has changed since then, but like I did say to you about the copying of the XML files that is a big no no, because if anything goes wrong this is what happens.

Sorry not trying to be a prick here. But it sounds again like you need to uninstall everything as per the last time, and get one working correctly as in the steps we did. Do not copy the xml files across, if you need to make a backup of any Datasources etc then you NEED to use the car archive from the administrator to do this so you can restore it later.

But my guess is that when you start manually copying things around, this is where you are falling over.

Brand new instance. Brand new IIS site. Nothing copied over. Removed code and layout down to minimum. Same problem.

now at the bottom of the page source of the blank page. I see that my site’s been hacked.

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Well then all this has been for nothing, well not nothing as you now know the cause of your problems.

Trying to figure out what has been changed now. Any suggestions?

Now the question is what to do.

The very first thing is to do a virus scan on any computer that has FTP access to the servers, and remove any potential threats, and you may even need to scan the server. From here you will need to then make sure ColdFusion is in FULL lock down so this doesn’t happen again.

Change all passwords on the server, FTP access and any and all remote server access.

But before you put your code back, you will need to compare it with a clean copy of the code, if you don’t have a clean copy locally then I highly suggest doing so once you have this sorted.

But before you make any of you sites public again, you will need to make sure this totally secured before going public again.

That is going to depend on if you have a clean developer version and you only ever do one way syncs, but something like Scooters Beyond Compare is what I use to file sync and compare any and all changes to production. It is a small cost, but free for a small amount of time to check it out, but it is the best little program you can use.