RE: [coldbox:17707] Interception announce order

Here are all the core ColdBox interception points that can be announced as part of a typical request. This represents an app with one module, running a single handler, rendering a single view, inside a single layout.

Bold items only run when the app is initializing.
Italicized items are not interception points, but instead where your code runs.

  1. preModuleLoad
  2. postModuleLoad
  3. afterConfigurationLoad
  4. afterAspectsLoad
  5. onRequestCapture
  6. preProcess
  7. preEvent
  8. Run handler code
  9. postEvent
  10. preLayout
  11. preLayoutRender
  12. Run layout code prior to #renderView()#
  13. preViewRender
  14. Run view code
  15. postViewRender
  16. Run layout code after #renderView()#
  17. postLayoutRender
  18. preRender
  19. postRender
  20. postProcess
  21. beforeDebuggerPanel
  22. afterDebuggerPanel



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