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Gah, sorry-- it was just a meandering conversation about how we deal with bots, extending ContentBox content types, automatic deployment of code and troubleshooting memory issues. I never think about recording when there’s not a formal presentation of some kind. If you’d still like to watch even a “meandering conversation”, I’ll try to remember to record them and post a link here.



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Haha! Actually… I would, but I totally understand otherwise… :slight_smile:


I’m curious to what the discussion was around automatic deployment of code. Any high-level things to note?



Re: the deployment, we specifically discussed ways to deploy that would allow the application to get reloaded across load-balanced servers.

I brought it up because I have a situation where my app is in an environment with a number of servers, 2 of which are utilized almost exclusively (if not completely) by internal processes. Right now, I am using the Deploy interceptor, which ultimately runs on postProcess, stops the application, and the restarts it on the next request. This works mostly fine and dandy for the forward-facing servers where the requests are much more numerous. However, on the 2 “internal” servers, I need the app to be reloaded on demand, not just after the postProcess runs and does it thing, so that they are ready to run with the latest and greatest when the requests come in.

So as part of the discussion, Brad shared how their environment is setup, part of which includes a process that individually hits each server on deployment to run the reinitialization code that’s needed to clean up, reset, etc. the app.

In another thread, Luis had suggested something similar, so I think I will explore this route. Besides being able to get around the “internal availability” issue, I like the idea of being able to more granularly control exactly when the apps get reloaded, and know when they are going to be reloaded (kind of like what’s available in ContentBox).

I think that was basically the gist of it–Brad, do you have anything to add?