RE: [coldbox:18061] Logbox: multiple root loggers

Hi, welcome to LogBox! Are you using it standalone or as part of a ColdBox application? Even though the XML config still works, I would recommend looking into the CFC confirmation as it is easier to read and make dynamic.

I think your first issue is that you are declaring multiple root loggers. You’re only supposed to have one root loggers, and then as many named loggers (or categories) as you want. I’m a little unclear on the exact end-result you’re heading towards, but it appears you just want one root logger, that logs to different appenders based on the severity of the log event. In order to do that, you’ll need to put your max/min filters in the actual appender declarations. That way, the root logger will always pass all log events off to all appenders, but the appenders will choose which messages they feel like paying attention to.

Here’s a reference to the LogBox docs. I’d recommend checking out the config CFC. If you’re inside a ColdBox app, the LogBox config can live as a struct right inside the /config/ColdBox.cfc file.



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