RE: [coldbox:18158] [coldbox-3.5.2] Very Slow load times

A vanilla runEvent() should only take a few nano seconds. Do you have any database access in your code?

Fire up SeeFusion or Fusion Reactor and pull some stracktraces during page load to see what the server is doing. Also, make sure you have “report execution time” turned off in ColdFusion debugging.



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Also, keep in mind that runEvent fires the entire event lifecycle again, so you may want to use the prePostExempt flag on runEvent() if you don’t need to run those again.

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Too much code, too many options, proprietary, db…I’d accept spit wads. My hope was that someone else has said to themselves “wow, this is running slow, I wonder why” and provide insight as to what or where to look first. Report execution time is off and I’ve disabled all debugging just to see with no difference. prePostExempt is on for the runEvent commands. I do use a database, MS SQL, two tables, 6 records a piece. I roll my own services/DAO and transient objects for records and all of it is really really basic. Can use FusionReactor…trial period over and cannot reinstall…try SeeFusion next I suppose.


I’m betting I have something crazy in my dependencies (how they are being used, or something along those lines). What continues to happen is after restarting CF, the site will run a little faster, but after around 10 requests (guessing on that number), the site eventually just spins away and gives me

The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: CFLOOP

a restart of CF or reboot of computer clears that right up :frowning: I find this ultimately happens much more quickly if I continue to reinit the framework since I have mapped singletons for my services and plugins.