RE: [coldbox:18162] [coldbox-3.5.2] Very Slow load times

A SeeFusion license is only $199 and you’ve probably spent that much in time troubleshooting already. I wouldn’t even begin to guess without opening the hood and looking. Anything else is just wasted time IMO.

Also, check memory usage. The fact that your site runs ok for a few requests and then slows down is very interesting. There’s got to be something weird going on. The stack trace will tell you exactly what the server is doing so you don’t need to guess.

Also, for what it’s worth you don’t have to buy anything to get a stack trace, I just think it’s way easier. If you’re on Enterprise, do a snapshot in the server admin. If you’re on standard, you should be able to start CF from the command line and send it a kill -9 command or something-- at least in Linux that is. I’ve never actually done that myself, I’ve just used SeeFusion and moved on :slight_smile:



P.S. If/when you use SeeFusion or Fusion-Reactor, enabled the JDBC URL Wrappers for your data sources. Having the SQL info is invaluable.

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