RE: [coldbox:18222] ColdBox 3.6: Loading a page with ajax that has a form

How are you “grabbing the form” with ajax (I assume you mean JavaScript with the purpose of making the fields parameters in an Ajax request), and in what way is it “not seen”? Are all the form fields part of a form?



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function loadQuery() {
var assign = $("#existingAssignment").val(); // Get the value of the select box so we can build the next page
$.get(’#event.buildlink(rc.xehLoadExistingCandidate)#?tour_id=’ + assign ,{},function(data){

return false

Thats the jquery that loads the page via ajax.

It takes the value of the dropdown and submits it. I grab it in a handler and then it loads a view with
an exact copy of the tab with the exact form fields. The information is filled in but when I submit the form, it’s like the fields don’t exist.