RE: [coldbox:18228] [Coldbox 3.6.0] Question on getting data for none view related items in a layout.

No, by default the action will just store the view name in the request context to be used in the main renderView() call in your layout. You’ll need to do this:

I am having difficulties getting this to work.

I have:
Main event : test\test_1 loads view test\testdisplay and uses layout main.cfm
Sub event(widget): test\test_a rendersView test\test_a

Main.cfm has a #runEvent(“test/test_a”)#

No output. Can’t even see the runEvent being called in the debug.

if I call test/test_a directly it displays TEST_A ok.

I tried putting in code in test_a to cause an error and I do not even see that when I try to runevent from the layout.