RE: [coldbox:18252] LogBox configuration UI

No, there’s not. Back in the day, when ColdBox was all XML config, the ColdBox dashboard would let you edit settings and such. The problem is that now everything is configuration CFCs which allow any and all CFML inside of them. I would be impossible to build an interface to account for that. If you were willing to give up all the benefits of writing your config in code you can build an interface that represented the current configuration and then wrote out the equivilant JSON structures but you couldn’t account for something like this: = 1
if(cgi.server_name contains “dev”) { = 2

That chunk of code represents two possible configurations that could exist given outside factors. A UI wouldn’t be able to account for that without sacrificing flexibility and being aware of all outside factors up front.

Now imaging this possible bit of config:

select * from settings

That could never be represented in a UI either.

So basically, yes it’s possible but it would have to be simple, and a one-way thing where the UI could generate a static bit of config, but the config file would only ever be capable of loading its current state back into the UI and would be overwritten.



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