RE: [coldbox:18297] [coldbox-3.6.0] AOP aspect and custom messagebox plugin

So you get the controller not passed in error when you try to get your plugin from the provider?

To help narrow down if the issues is the mapping or the provider (or something else), what happens when you do wirebox.getInstance(“CustomMessageBoxDSL”) in a regular handler or something without the provider bit. Does that work?



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Good question…I get the same error when doing this in my home handler

var test = wirebox.getInstance(“CustomMessageBoxDSL”);

Perhaps there is another bit of magic I have overlooked?

I have tried, hoping against hope that since getFlash is part of the RequestContext and RequestContext is part of coldbox.system.Plugin that I might be able to “cheat” and get access to an properly instantiated version of flash but anytime I do, “controller” cannot be found. So, even though I’m not accessing my custom message box via provider dsl (this is a transient object by the way), the plugin code just does not want to access a valid flash object.