RE: [coldbox:18418] Getting Started with ColdBox Bundle

Can you provide a stack trace? Without knowing what file that error is happening in we can’t help much. Also, do you have any plans for upgrading to Railo 4?

Yes we do want to upgrade to 4.x sometime in the next couple of months. Here is the stack trace

The Error Occurred in
/opt/sites/scratchpad/www/coldbox/system/web/Controller.cfc: line 83

81: <!— Get The CFMLEngine object —>

called from/opt/sites/scratchpad/www/coldbox/system/web/loader/FrameworkLoader.cfc: line 37
called from/opt/sites/scratchpad/www/coldbox/system/web/Controller.cfc: line 43
called from/opt/sites/scratchpad/www/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 69
called from/opt/sites/scratchpad/www/coldbox/samples/Application.cfc: line 37