RE: [coldbox:2393] Re: External Model Mappings

Ooh, I like that approach. Hmm, a cfc huh?

I'm trying to imagine here if I could give myself the ability to
override default mappings on my own by extending my ModelConfig.cfc.

In other words, have a base ModelConfig.cfc in my common folder and then
extend it in each app as necessary to inherit the base models (super)
and add anything site specific to it. I'll have to ponder. It would
kind of depend on what methods ModelConfig.cfc would be required to have
and how addModelMapping() would behave if called twice with the same
model name (would it error or simply replace/override the previous


This is something that needs to be spec’ed out. But the spec is open, so the more feed back the better.

The idea of the cfc is to provide a programmatic DSL approach on defining model objects and dependencies. You will be able to declare a-la-carte model objects that can be:

  1. cfc’s
  2. webservices
  3. java/groovy objects

You will be able to define AOP proxy objects, etc. So there are big plans for it, but all the input is what we need.