RE: [coldbox:3124] Re: CacheManager: Cannot find LastAccessTimeout key in struct

Luis, I actually suggested the concept of two cache "pools" on this
thread back on July 23rd:

"Should the cache keep a separate pool/max setting for the transient
items than it uses for the items which never expire? "

I don't know that it's a silver bullet, but I think it has
logical/organizational merit to divide out the parts of the cache that
the policies are actually concerned with.
As much as I have been pushing for a non-purging storage for eternal
objects (like application storage) I don't think it would be a bad thing
at all for the cache to continue to support. I tend to simply my
applications down and eliminate redundant options (DRY if you will). I
understand, however, that you have built ColdBox with the concept of
having as many options available to the programmer as possible so the
same problem can be solved a number of ways. I can appreciate that too,
and I think it's a very good thing in a framework.