RE: [coldbox:3160] Re: getting the body of a POST

Luis, I think you would need to inspect the Content-Type: header of the
request to know what the body contained. For instance,
"application/x-www-form-urlencoded" would indicate name/value pairs
which is already available in the form scope. The biggy would be pages
where images were being uploaded like with ("multipart/form-data;").
You definitely would not want 3 megs of binary stuff laying around the
request collection.

So yes, you wouldn't want to include all request bodies or you would
risk performance implications and redundancy.



I am guessing that since 1) CF makes it so easy to get to it and 2) It might happen on an event action basis. That this task should rely on the handler code itself, maybe not even a decorator because of the complexities of it. If I was developing for this use case, I would do it on a peraction basis on a prehandler() call.