RE: [coldbox:3217] Re: Auto Wiring Transients in Service Layer

There can be several reasons to use an Object Factory to create your

I personally make best use out of the autowiring capabilities and
caching. Of course, you explained how you needed neither of those for
your beans. Frankly, there's nothing wrong with using createObject to
make your beans if you don't need anything done to them at the time of

Another benefit of getModel is it allows you use the handy alias created
in your ModelMappings file instead of the full class path. Also, even
if you don't inject parts of your model (like the DAO) into your bean
now, you may want to later. COldBox allows you to inject settings,
plugins, cache manager, you name it-- and I use that stuff a lot.
(especially the logger plugin). If I always create my beans with
getModel() I know that all I have to do is add the cfproperty tag in and
the ColdBox interceptor fairies do the rest. It's kind of a warm fuzzy
feeling. And it's consistent with how I create everything else.

Do whatever works best for you and makes the most sense though. The
good thing about the ColdBox Koolaid is there's nothing making you drink
the parts you don't want.