RE: [coldbox:3344] Re: OutOfMemoryError

I don't know enough about ColdSpring to tell you if you are doing
anything wrong there, but I am getting a red flag that you have no
maxPermSize setting in your jvm args. I was pretty certain CF always
had a value in there. I believe CF 8 shipped with a value of 192 Megs.
With nothing specified I beleive you are defaulting to 64 megs if you
are using the -server arg. Open your jvm.config file in notepad to
confirm what is actually in there since the CF Admin screens don't
always show you everything.

Try adding your maxPermSize setting back in if it is truly gone and see
what your results are.

The slightly more scientific method is actually taking a look at your
garbage collection and memory usage with some debugging parameters:
-verbose:gc" -XX:+PrintGCDetails

Also, what version of Java are you one? How much physical RAM does your
server have?