RE: [coldbox:3371] Re: Dealing with the header buffer and proxy requests

it actually isn't being rendered so adding a preRender on the proxy doesn't make sense in my opinion.

Fair enough.

I added a preProxyResults as it is more descriptive of the interception point. It passed the full refLocal scope as the proxyResults struct. So you can manipulate and see all the proxy execution stuff and modify it.

That should work fine. An interceptor that wished to affect routed
requests as well as proxy requests would simply need to listed for both
preRender and preProxyResults announcements.

As for the latter, maybe we can see if there is something in cflib and look at the licenses. If not, I will research the pageContext() and do it manually.

I can't find anything on cflib. I will post what I have for Adobe CF in
a bit. The Railo and BD should be similar, it's just a matter of their
internal naming conventions. I would figure them out, but I don't have
Railo or BD installed anywhere handy.