RE: [coldbox:3693] Use a template name other than index.cfm?

Not sure about 3.0, but for CB 2.6.3 you would need to modify the
onRequestStart handler in application.cfc to look for whatever file you
want in order to have ColdBox process the request. If you search
through the code for index.cfm you will find it is hard coded in a
number of places like requestConext.buildLink(),
requestConext.getSelf(), and the cache manager screeens.

It should probably be turned into a setting. I'm sure you could fake it
too with a URL Rewriting engine too.


I'd second the vote for SES URLs. You can work things so that there
are no references to a page name whatsoever if you want. Is there a
particular use case you have that you want to figure out the best way
to deal with?


I want to call ramses.cfm

I'd like Event.buildLink() to work :slight_smile: