RE: [coldbox:7334] Re: Re-Init just the current handler

+1 for Curt’s idea of just looking in the cache debug window.

As far as your question below of programatically knowing the cache key, the basic logic used in the HandlerService when creating the cache key for a new handler is like this:

Cache’s HANDLER_CACHEKEY_PREFIX (default for latest CacheBox “cbox_handler-”, prior version used “cboxhandler_handler-”) This can be different based on what version of caching you are using and what provider you have configured

handler path (equal to HandlersExternalLocation if it is an external handler)
handler name

Examples if you are on RC1:


Also, note, if you’re not on the latest version of the debug panel, the “cbox_” or "cboxhandler_ " portion may not be displayed.

Once you take a look at the cache debug panel it should make sense. Good luck.



Hi Brad,

That's great and makes sense.

i am using 3.0 RC1

thanks for your help i really appreciate it