RE: [coldbox:7619] Re: The method start was not found in component coldbox.system.BeanFactory."

It’s only been a couple days since our release, and I’ve probably seen it 4 or 5 times maybe.

Sometimes it varies a little. Once recent version was “The method start was not found in component coldbox.system.plugins.logger.”

Luis, just saw your E-mail about what’s on Github. If I keep seeing issues with the method injector with RC1 that I have in production, I might have to find a way to merge in a fix.

Overall, I think we’ve had good luck using pre-release versions, but part of my team gave me flak today for some of the issues we’ve had staying “closer” to the bleeding edge. (namely the scope widening issues) :slight_smile:


Yea, well, it is all coming to a close these weeks, so RC2 is emminent and final release coming out soon, so finally bleeding edge is over.

The scope widening issue is more an architectural issue than anything else. But with wirebox I wanted to tackle it so it can be easy to do providers.

I’m not sure the scope widening issue is my problem here. All of my models are managed by the framework via autowiring and getModel(). I do not independently store any objects in session (unless Flashed and set to expire on the next request) but I continue to see these “method start not found” errors.

Do I have an incorrect understanding of the scope winding issue?


Aaron Greenlee