RE: [coldbox:8469] WireBox Feedback

Are you sure that is caused by WireBox?

What is C:\projects\ColdFusion[\wwwroot\system\views\exceptions\generic.cfm](\wwwroot\system\views\exceptions\generic.cfm) ?

If that is your custom bug report, check your logs to make sure you’re not just seeing a secondary error caused by another error.



No I am not but I changed this from IOC to model thinking this would be the way to do it.

From for using IOC

property name=“pageService” inject=“IOC:pageService@pages”;

to for wirebox

property name=“pageService” inject=“model:pageService@pages”;

And it appears this is not being injected, which means something wrong here for modules or I am not doing this write.


Andrew Scott

I guess nobody can answer why this is not working, or even the correct syntax?

From what I can tell when using wirebox modules don’t seem to be able to be wired, if I use the IOC side no problems running the application. But with the wireBox approach, I am either doing something wrong or this just doesn’t work.

Anyone have any clues?


Andrew Scott