RE: [coldbox:8832] Re: WireBox notes

Sure, I’ll give it a look.


Ok Luis, I just finished running some tests with the latest ColdBox
from GitHub and it appears your WireBox changes are successful in
preventing providers from widening the scope of the framework after
reinitting via the injetor references.

I noticed a startling behavior in general though on my CF 8.0.1 local
dev machine. I didn't have any HotFixes installed on my local
development machine and at first I was still seeing multiple copies of
the ColdBox controller lingering in my heap. I traced the references
through the pageContext Java object that gets tied to the CFC's that
WireBox creates for me. The short story is that when a CFC is
created, it holds on to the variables and function local scopes that
existed at the time createObject was called. This means that every
component created by Builder.cfc kept references to the injector.
This is an older bug in CF 8.0.1 which has been blogged about a number
of times. After I installed Cumulative HotFix 4 on my local machine,
that cleared up (and my heap usage reduced a bit) I assume CF9 does
not suffer from this memory leak or people would have been complaining
about it.

So, that's pretty much just a warning to anyone still on Adobe CF 8--
you will have memory leaks due to an Adobe bug unless you get yourself
patched up. Feel free to ask for more details if you're interested.



woot woot!! We are golden then Brad! Thanks so much for doing this, what a huge help!

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