RE: [coldbox:8845] CB3.0 Interceptors not firing

Hi, Brad:

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, after I wrote my initial email, I changed it to preprocess, but again, I’m not seeing any indication that it ever fires. I have similar code in a RequestDecorator, which if requireSSL is true, changes the default for the event.buildLink() SSL parameter to true, rather than false. That decorator works great, so no issues there. It is just the interceptor that I cannot get to work.

Question: Shouldn’t I see an indication in the CB Debug panel that the interceptor fired? I did add an event.setValue(“interceptFired”,true) so that I could see some indication in the RC scope, but nothing appears.

I guess the above is a long-winded way of saying I’m confused (or as my 12 year old would say, “I’m confuzzled!”) :wink: