RE: [coldbox:8934] Email Appender- Logbox

Can you start by posting your logbox config that isn’t working? :slight_smile:


Hi Brad,

I’ve been reading through the docs here - - but am confused as to just get a basic email appender working. It seems like most of the examples which about about using the EmailAppender involve configuring with a service. is this the only approach? I was hoping it would just be a simple config setting similar to the way bugTracers work.

Many thanks.

This is my config so far, which only has appenders setup for tracer, console, and DB.

logBox = {
// Define Appenders
appenders = {
coldboxTracer = { class=“coldbox.system.logging.appenders.ColdboxTracerAppender” },
consoleAppender = { class=“coldbox.system.logging.appenders.ConsoleAppender” },
// DB appender so we can see the logbox log reader work
dbAppender = {
properties = {
dsn = “api”, table=“api_logs”, autocreate=false, textDBType=“text”

// Root Logger
root = { levelmax=“DEBUG”, appenders="*" }
// Implicit Level Categories
,info = [ “coldbox.system” ]
//,debug = [“coldbox.system.interceptors.SES”]