RE: [coldbox:9191] Problem with Interceptor and applicationStorage plugin

Here is something else that I have noticed, so a bit more of an explanation
is in order.

1) Using the code that I post to register interceptors when a module
loads, who are placed into an interceptors dir in the module root.

2) Create 2 interecptors both can do nothing for now.

3) Add one of these interceptors to the config.cfc, and inside the
other put the preProcess event that I posted earlier.

When the Application is run I am guessing that the registered interceptor in
the Config.cfc is also registering this directory for WireBox, and in this
setup it works great.

But there is a problem when using fwreinit it seems that the interceptor dir
is being removed from wirebox, when it gets to running the onLoad() of the

Now you can also duplicate this by just removing the registered interceptor
from the Config.cfc, this means that the directory is then not added to the
WireBox for DI.

My Question is how does the Config.cfc reigtsration differ to this? And how
come it seems to differ when someone does a fwreinit?

rceptorClass, interceptorName=interceptorName);

I think that if I am going to manually register the interceptor like this,
then it should behave exactly the same as if I did it in the Config.cfc.


Andrew Scott


Of Curt Gratz